For me it’s always been about being different. I think it’s easy to say you want to be different, or try to act different, or even look different. But really being different is one of the most challenging goals one can set. When it comes to a brand, or advertising, or generating sales, great results are measured in how well you are able to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Everyone knows that—but very few know how to do it right. And when I say right, I mean so that it produces the desired results. And no matter how you slice it or dice it, results are always measured in sales.

I’ve been involved in the advertising agency world most of my life, usually as an owner, partner or principal. But for the past eight years I was the vice president of marketing for Valley View Casino & Hotel. It’s a great success story that I’m sure I’ll blog about in the future. During that time I’ve also been conducting a branding workshop. In the workshop I discuss that if you want to be successful in your business you need to find a hole in the market and fill it. That’s what we did at Valley View Casino & Hotel. We found a hole, filled it, then differentiated the brand from the competition.

While we were producing incredible results for the casino, I saw a hole in the advertising category. Business owners I encountered everywhere were all telling me the same thing. “You should open your own agency.” It seemed like a very risky idea, especially when considering the economic environment. But everything starts with an idea. I mused about why they said I should open an agency. Then it occurred to me. What attracted them to me was that I wasn’t an agency. That’s what they saw that they liked. I was someone that had a great team behind me and we produced results. Not ads. Not fluff. Results. The hole I saw in the market suddenly became a crater. The market didn’t want just another agency. What all these business owners wanted in a sense was… an anti-agency®. Something different. So I, along with the team that has worked with me for many years, set out to create this anti-agency®. We call it InnoVision – Marketing Ideation. What makes us the anti-agency®? You’ll have to keep reading my blogs. This one just reached maximum word count.

Ric Militi



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